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Advocacy training / mooting / judicial education

Christopher has taken part in the advocacy training of the United Kingdom Bar since its inception in the 1970s.

Through the International Bar Association he has associated with advocates from many jurisdictions and has studied the court procedures of India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada. He has attended IBA conferences in Delhi, Vancouver, Boston, Amsterdam, Durban, San Francisco, Auckland, Prague, Chicago and Singapore. He has lectured on advocacy at the British Council in Delhi (2001), in-house to the litigation departments of Ang & Partners (2000) and Allen & Gledhill (2001) in Singapore, to the Bar of West Bangal, Kolkata (2003), to the Malaysian Bar Council, Kuala Lumpur (2003 & 2007), the Law Society of Thailand, Bangkok (2004), and the Bar Council of the Turks and Caicos Islands (2006).

He believes advocacy to be a performance skill that has to be learned and, once acquired, can be applied in any jurisdiction.

His Advocacy Course, comprising 4 or 5 lectures, draws on his experience of a lifetime's practice as an advocate as well as on his observations whilst sitting as a Recorder of the Crown Court, Legal Assessor and Judge.

His Course seeks to define advocacy and its essential aims, and to offer advice as to how to achieve those aims, particularly by reference to case preparation when viewed from the perspective of the personalities and tribunal involved.

He gives practical help on the various aspects of oral and written case preparation including opening and closing submissions, cross-examination of expert and non-professional witnesses, re-examination and appellate hearings.

He has judged moots at the Commonwealth Law Conferences in Hong Kong (2009), Hyderabad (2011) and Cape Town (2013).

He is a Fellow of the Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute and a trained Judicial Educator


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